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Joline Renn



Born in USA, 1973

1997-2001 Studied at a School of Fine Arts, SUNY Binghamton

From a child with crayons all over the walls, to my teenage days of creating with my airbrush.  I enjoyed watching the colors move through each other to create rainbows within rainbows. 

I have spent over 23 years in Las Vegas creating as a faux finish artist for over 2500 clients.  Ultimate Faux has become one  of the top Faux Finish companies in the Valley.  I have always enjoyed seeing a clients joy when I finished their work and empathetically shared in that joy of appreciation.

My art career continues to expand and I always find new ways to express the inner crayon.

My experience took me form painting for many clients, to fine art with abstract expressionism in resin abstracts that are usually large scale because of my comfort with walls as canvas.

My art is expansive and inwardly expanding with you and your perceptions.  You may see animals or scenary expressed that none but you can find. 

That is exactly how the abstraction is more like an ink blot or a cloud, seeing what your mind wants you to see. 


These pieces are an emotional vibration expressed in resin as a mixed media piece.


The composition is an insight of your own discernment.

Art doesn't change, but you do.

As the adventures continue into the digital world, I have found Nfts to be fun and exciting.  In the future look for me there.


Joline Renn

Artist, Creator, Friend

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